Universal Postal Union

This month we celebrate World Post Day on October 9th the anniversary of the formation of the Universal Postal Union established on the same day in 1874. On this day, in Bern Switzerland, the Treaty of Bern was signed by 22 countries to simplify the process of which mail was delivered from country to country. Before this treaty, each country would have to implement a specific treaty for each country they would mail to. The United Kingdom first echoed the need for simplified mailings in 1840 when they introduced standard postage prepayment within the UK. After global efforts to unify an international postal system the General Postal Union was developed by Heinrich von Stephan, General Post Director for the German Empire, later named the Universal Postal Union.  The official language of the world’s second oldest international organization is French, however, the working language is English and today there are 192 member countries of the UPU.