Lichtenstein Award

Alfred F. Lichtenstein

Alfred F. Lichtenstein

The Alfred F. Lichtenstein Memorial Award for Distinguished Service to Philately is annually given to a living individual for outstanding service to philately. The award was established in 1952.

Alfred F. Lichtenstein (August 6, 1876 – February 24, 1947) was one of America’s most famous philatelists. In 2009 the American Philatelists Club of New York named him the Outstanding American Philatelist for the first half of the 20th century, an honor much applauded by the philatelic world. During his lifetime Lichtenstein built some of the greatest collections ever formed: Canada and the Provinces, Switzerland, Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, Uruguay, Argentina, and U.S. Western franks.

For three decades Lichtenstein was an international judge. He was chairman of the 1926 and 1936 international philatelic exhibitions held in New York City. He was also named chairman of the 1947 Centenary International Stamp Exhibition (CIPEX), but died less than three months before it opened. A special exhibit of part of his collection was displayed there in his honor.

Lichtenstein was a strong supporter of the Collectors Club of New York, and was instrumental in its growth and prominence in world philately. He and Theodore Steinway led the drive for funds to acquire its permanent home. The first recipient of the Alfred F. Lichtenstein Memorial Award was Steinway, his personal friend and devoted coworker.