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Online Payments are Coming Soon!

Online-paymentAs part of the ongoing development of the American Philatelists Club website, we plan to continue to offer innovative options to allow our members as well as future members the opportunity to simplify the membership renewal process by utilizing the American Philatelists Club website. In the near future we are looking to offer online payment opportunities to further streamline operations and offer Club members more convenience than ever before. However, in the meantime, we will continue to accept membership payments by check and credit card either over the phone or by postal mail.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Lorenzo Reid, our Executive Secretary, at 1-877-215-7250 or contact us via e-mail.

– Anthony Carson, President

President’s Message

This winter has been particularly hard on the Club. For the first time in years we have had to cancel two lectures because of snow storms, and the almost complete collapse of transportation on the east coast. I am happy to note that the lectures of Bill Schultz and Alan Warren will be rescheduled, so please be sure to check the web site for updates. The winter has also taken its toll on the Club House. As of this writing (mid-February) we have lost about one-third of the electric power at the Club house due to salt corrosion on one of the three power lines coming into the house. Con Ed was not able to perform an immediate repair. However, they have done a temporary fix which will provide power to all regular circuits throughout the building, save for the elevator. This service will be restored once Con Ed has a chance to do the appropriate digging and repairs to the lines buried outside of the house. We are on their ‘to do’ list. Updated details on the Power Saga are now recorded on the Club’s web site which interested members may visit. The situation proved much more complex than any of us ever imagined, and Con Ed proved up to the task. I am happy to report that full power has been restored as of the end of March.

Plans for the PNSE Show are moving forward rapidly at this point. We will be contributing more than one hundred frames to the exhibition; we will maintain a Club Booth at the Show; Dr. Vernon Morris will present the American Philatelists Club Lecture on Saturday afternoon; and we will be having a Club dinner on Saturday evening after the awards are given out. All will be history by the time you read this, but consult the web site for the list of exhibits and the awards and other show details.

– Anthony Carson, President

Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition


With the success of NOJEX 2013 behind us, the Board of Governors has agreed that we continue our presence at national level stamp shows. I am most pleased to announce that we will be participating at the Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition (PNSE) of 2014 to be held in Oaks, Pennsylvania during the weekend of April 4-6, 2014. We will feature American Philatelists Club competitive exhibits and lectures at the show, and will also maintain a American Philatelists Club Booth at which to meet members, prospective new members and guests.

PNSE is one of the major APS World Series of Philately shows along the Northeast Corridor, and will provide an excellent opportunity for American Philatelists Club exhibitors to qualify not only for the 2014 Champions of Champions competition in Hartford, but also to qualify their exhibits for World Stamp Show – New York 2016. With more than 200 exhibit frames available, this will be a wonderful chance for Club members to display their diverse material to a wide audience, and show that the American Philatelists Club is an all encompassing group of collectors. Complete information on the PNSE Show, an exhibit Prospectus and an Exhibit Entry Form are available at the show’s web site ( for your convenience

In addition to the regular PNSE show awards, three special American Philatelists Club awards will be given at this show. They will be for the best Classic U.S., Modern U.S., and Foreign exhibits by Club members, with long-term recognition on the new Multi-frame Competition Plaque displayed in the Clubhouse. Exhibits that have previously won one of these awards, will not be eligible for this competition.

NSE will also provide meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment for all speakers who would like to share their collecting knowledge and passions with fellow collectors. Please let us know if you would like to give a presentation at PNSE. This is another opportunity to show the collecting public that the American Philatelists Club is a diverse and welcoming organization. Additional details about the show, including special hotel rates, also can be found on the PNSE website. Updates on our participation will appear on the Club’s web site.

I am asking all club members, particularly those along the Northeast Corridor, to consider submitting an exhibit to this show, and participating in what I am sure will be a momentous event.

– Anthony Carson, President


President’s Message


Anthony Carson

At the September Board meeting we reviewed the American Philatelists Club presence at national level stamp show in 2013 at the NOJEX Show. I am pleased to announce that we will be appying to participate at the Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition of 2014 to be held in Oakes, Pennsylvania on April 4-6, 2014. We plan to feature The American Philatelists Club exhibits at the show, and will also maintain an American Philatelists Club Booth to meet members and guests. We hope to make this event a success just as NOJEX was, and hope to attract exhibits from Club members, particularly those in the Northwest area of the country. Details on our participation at this show will be highlighted on the Club’s web site.

We will also be attending the CHICAGOPEX 2013 to be held in Itasca, IL during the weekend of November 22-24. We hope to be meeting Chicago-area members at the show, and recruiting new members. I am seeking help from club attendees, so if you are available let me know by sending me an email. ([email protected]).

Also among our current announcements, we will be having our Board of Governors Open House Holiday Party on Saturday, November 30th, and all members and their guests are invited to gather for this festive occasion. If you can arrange a holiday trip to Washington at this time, please come join us. Festivities begin at 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

Finally, the dues notices for 2014 will be going out soon. For the first time you will be able to use PayPal to pay your dues, which should make payment very simple for any members who are on line.

—Anthony Carson

The 125th Anniversary of Der Berliner Philatelisten-Klub

Stamps_of_Germany_(Berlin)_1964,_MiNr_235Members of the The American Philatelists Club and The Royal Philatelic Society of London joined with other philatelists in Berlin on February 15-17, 2013, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Der Berliner Philatelisten-Klub. By all accounts it was an outstanding celebration. We are most pleased to note that Bob Odenweller and Kees Adema were among those given awards for the Berlin Klub’s most prestigious Lindenberg Medal for their outstanding contributions to philately.

A full report will appear on our website, but In the interim, members might enjoy looking at this photo essay ( PDF ), which illustrates many of the events highlights.